January Members in Action: Newborns with KJ Wingert

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November Members in Action


NOVEMBER 11TH, 2013, 5 – 9 PM




Mark & Mary will share how to create distinctive character portraits for your clients. The program will include lighting/posing with a live model, Lightroom, B&W conversion, Photoshop, image enhancement, and workflow.


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Mark and Mary Bortz are a husband and wife team from Robins, Iowa. Their studio, Fusion Edge Photography is a full service studio focusing primarily on High School Seniors. In their 12 years in business, they have been named “Top Ten Non Master Iowa Photographer” by the Iowa PPA and received the Bronze Photographer of the Year by PPA. Mary Bortz is a Certified Professional Photographer and in 2010, 2011 and 2012 was name “top 10 Iowa Photographer. Mark Bortz is also a Certified Professional Photographer and in 2012 and 2013 was also named “Top Ten Photographer of Iowa”

South Dakota PPA is proud to host Mark and Mary Bortz on November 11th in Brandon, SD.

FALL TECH DAY – Cheryl Elbers

Cheryl Elbers is an 11 year veteran of photography and 22 year veteran of advertising and Adobe Photoshop. With a 1992 graphic design degree from Southeast Technical Institute, Cheryl has spent many years in both fields of photography and advertising. Over the years she has won some SDPPA awards with her photography as well as some Advertising awards with the Tellies and Addy’s. She has had the privilege of photographing portraits and commercial work and has been a Photoshop instructor for years, which she thoroughly enjoys. The advertising field is an even bigger love of hers as it is an ever changing field, and the opportunities to grow and learn with new technology never stays idle. She currently works for Epic Multimedia, one of the fastest growing ad agencies in South Dakota.

Marketing is a game. You could say, “the brand with the most friends, wins.” There are a lot of factors to determine, about yourself AND your business, before determining the best way to advertise… or NOT advertise. There are questions you need to be able to answer, like, what are your goals and where do you hope to be in 5 or even 10 years? Are you more of a hobbiest or a professional? Chances are if you are attending the SDPPA (South Dakota “Professional” Photographers Association) your goals are to be a professional photographer and that means you want your business to grow. So how big do you want to get and what do you do to make that happen? Are you a high end photographer, somewhere in the middle, or really just do it for fun cause photography it is a passion of yours. Maybe you even would do it for free because you love it so much…? This all determines your course of action for how you advertise. We will discuss this and more and my hopes are to enlighten you and give you a clearer understanding about how you should do this.

In addition, Photoshop is a huge passion of mine. It has come so far since the first version I started with in 1988. Retouching one photo used to take so much longer with the limited tools it offered, where today, I can retouch a photo in a matter of minutes, sometimes seconds. I will teach you my method of retouching, what makes it a professional print verses just a print, and also give you tips on some fun and easy plugins that can help you with your process. I know some of you may use Lightroom, but just a quick note, I use Bridge to prep my photos and will be teaching from that platform.

I’m excited to see you all and pay it forward. See you there!

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Fusion of Video and Photography

Jonathan Lipking and John Stephens are two-thirds of the internationally renowned photography and cinematography firm IRIS AND LIGHT. Based in Los Angeles, IRIS AND LIGHT combines still images with cinematic motion pictures and have pushed the boundaries to become one of the top companies in the industry.

Ron Jacobson

Photos into Art and GET CLIENTS NOW

Never one to just sit idle in his art career, Ron has spoke at conventions and workshops, given seminars and webinars, and coached multiple people through subjects such as senior portraits, childrens specialty portraits, framing and matting, photoshop, painter, off-camera flash, posing and more. His own competitiveness for learning has rewarded him with the PPA certification, Masters and Craftsman Degrees and other awards including Kodak, Fuji, CPP, ASP and PPA National awards from both North Dakota and Northern Light. He has also served on the local, state, regional and national photography boards/councils and was


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Save the Date: 2013 Spring Seminar

The 2013 SDPPA Spring Seminar has been announced!

March 3rd and 4th at the Ramada Inn in Sioux Falls.

Speakers will be

Ryan Southwell
John Stephens
Jonathan Lipking

We shoot stills (photography)
and films (cinematography).


RON JACOBSON of Jacobson Studio


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2012 Fall Tech Day: Matthew Kemmetmueller

Lightroom LogoThis will be a comprehensive introduction to Adobe Lightroom.  Expect to be blown away by the speed and organization that Lightroom will bring to your studio.  We’ll dive in to setting up catalogs, smart collections, proper import and export settings and much more!

The mind melting Lightroom tips and tricks will continue to build as we explain how to create the highest quality image by utilizing the power within the Develop module in Lightroom as well exploring how to make and use presets!

At the end of this all day program you will be ready to go out and conquer the world of Lightroom and take on oppressive nature of RAW in a bold new fashion.  Your friends and family will be overflowing with jealousy of your new skills.

$39 for members, $59 for non-members and SDPPA membership for rest of year.

July Memberships in Action Review

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June Members in Action Review

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Kevin Jairaj + Alycia Alvarez

Alycia Alvarez


With studios in both Dallas, TX and Tampa, FL, Alycia is an Internationally Award winning portrait photographer, who specializes in babies and children. In addition, Alycia’s work can be seen in many publications, including Rangefinder and a feature spread in Professional Children’s Portrait Photography. For every picture taken, a moment in time is remembered. Alycia’s objective with each person she photographs is to create an image that will reveal something truly unique about the individual…sharing a little bit of “who” they are, instead of just “what” they looked like. Capturing true and genuine personality is Alycia’s passion. Her style relies very little on props to uncover the true essence of her subjects and the many aspects of their character. Her goal is to create portraits that are not only loved and cherished by friends and family, but to create works of art that make complete strangers stop and admire.

Website: http://www.alyciaalvarezphotography.com


Kevin Jairaj


In just a few short years, Kevin Jairaj has not only become one of the most sought after photographers in the USA, but also worldwide. Kevin is known for his dramatic use of lighting and color and his ability to create some of the most stunning wedding artistry for his clients.

He has been commissioned to shoot weddings in Aruba, London, Hawaii, Trinidad and Tobago, The Bahamas, Mexico, Jamaica, and Anguilla in addition to the many weddings he shoots in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area and the rest of the USA. Kevin is also a favorite among the celebrity crowd and has shot weddings and events for many musicians, actors, and famous athletes.

Kevin has also won Numerous 1st Place Awards in the very prestigious WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) 16×20 and 8×10 print competitions in addition to having several prints selected in the PPA Loan collection. He was also named a 2008 Top Knots of Wedding Photography by the very well respected Photo District News magazine and his work has been published in countless books, newspapers, and magazines such as The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, The Dallas Morning News, Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Magazine, CNNSI, The Sporting News, Photo District News, American Photo, Rangefinder, USA Today, Professional Photographer, Destination Weddings, Southern Vanity, and People just to name a few.

MIA – November 9th, Open Mic/2011 Planning